The Sons of Baldur. A Forest Music Drama (1908)

O Woman! like snow on the mountains, 

When North Lights glow rosy and bright, 
Is thy bosom's soft slope and its fountains 

Of Love on the peaks of delight. 
When the clasps of thy white arms surround us, 
And the seals of thy warm lips have crowned us, 
In the chains of thy charms thou hast bound us, 
And Freya makes golden the night. 

Hail, Woman ! all honor be given 

To thine arms that enfold us with love; 
By thy smile all Hel's blackness is riven, 

And Valhall is brighter, 

And Valhall is brighter. 

And Valhall is brighter above ! 

When we dream of the wife and the mother, 

The tears of our yearning arise; 
When the true lover dreams of one other. 

His armour grows warm to his sighs. 
Then the steel of his bright helmet shows him 
The high-bosomed virgin who throws him 
The kisses and smiles that she owes him 

When Thor gives him back to her eyes. 

SCHEFFAUER, Herman George; WEISS, Arthur. The sons of Baldur, a forest music drama. San Francisco: Press of the Hansen Co., 1908.

Silvia Pato