Musical instruments by Carl Engel

"Again, musical instruments are not infrequently formed in the shape of certain animals. Thus, a kind of harmonicon of the Chinese represents the figure of a crouching tiger. The Burmese posses a stringed instrument in the shape of an alligator. Even more grotesque are the imitation of various beasts adopted by the Javanese. The natives of New Guinea have a singularly shaped drum, terminating in the head of a reptile. A wooden rattle like a bird is a favourite instrument of the Indians of Nootka Sound. In short, not only the inner construction of the instruments and their peculiar quality of sound exhibit in most nations certain distinctive characteristics, but it is also in great measure true as to their outward appearence".

ENGEL, Carl. Musical Instruments. London: Wyman and Sons, Limited. 1908.

Silvia Pato